TheSellerTool is a web based application for online sellers that provides accurate and transparent pricing for the products selling on Amazon and to fence Losses in online selling. This smart application identifies all direct & indirect (hidden) costs incur so that the seller can sell at a Right & Profitable Price. With TheSellerTool, you can effectively plan mega online sale events & thereby offer best discounts to customers however keeping your profilt margins. This smart web application suggests the seller the Right Selling Price to meet their margin goals.

This web application also alerts you for any changes in your products commission percentage or logistics cost done by Amazon secretly.

With simple 2 step integration – Enter the world of profitability.


Profitability Calculator

Do you also worry if you are actually making profits in Online Selling? Try TheSellerTool Profitability Calculator to see your actual in-hand profit & margin percentage. Plan your sale events better, boost your organic and event day sales by giving better price to your buyers without incurring loss.

Price Suggestor

Never face questions like – what is the right selling price? Will I meet the target margin in this? TheSellerTool Selling Price Suggests you the right price to sell online. Just tell our engine what profit margin you want to earn and we will take care of the rest!

Deep Insights

Our reports and charts help you visualize your business better so that you target right and plan better. Identify critical business points that eat your margin and block your stock movement.

Inventory Planner

Never go Out of Stock (OOS) even if your inventory flies off the shelves. TheSellerTool inventory planner will help you plan better and make you ready to meet all sale & non-sale inventory demands! Place orders and just sit back and relax we will do the rest.